Everyone on the same page

Know what's going on at work with Aviva, a digital assistant who organizes workplace communication into what you need to know. 

Meet Aviva.

Today's paradigm of cloud-based SaaS apps creates more data in more places without a single source of truth. Even worse, talking in person makes everything digital outdated.

So we created Aviva, a digital assistant for teams who uses machine learning to organize and distill spoken and written business communication to keep teams in the loop. 

Personalized digests from all your digital communication.

Aviva keeps up with every doc, card, and #channel across your organization, learning what's most pertinent.

The more tools you integrate, the smarter Aviva gets.

Drowning in Meetings?

Aviva has you covered.

Invite Aviva to in-person meetings or conference calls,

where she'll act as a silent participant, taking concise notes

to distribute to the right people at the right time.

Supports all major conferencing systems

Add [email protected] to a calendar invite with dial-in

information, and Aviva will join the call automatically

1-on-1 calls as easy as 1-2-3

Merge Aviva with your existing or incoming

call, and Aviva will begin to take notes

Flag important events

Use a voice command or a tap to tell Aviva when

must have events need to make it into the summary

Stop losing time

getting on the same page.

Aviva attends your meetings and keeps up with your docs and

#channels to find your signal across all the noise at work.